Russell Westbrook on Contract Extension: “Its for My Fantasy Owners”

Westbrook plans on 75 triple doubles per season with OKC

Oklahoma City, OK —  In a surprising move, Russell Westbrook signed a contract extension with the Thunder yesterday which will pay him nearly $90 million over the next three seasons.  More surprisingly was the reason why Westbrook decided to extend his playing days with OKC – his fantasy owners.

“Lets be clear,” stated Westbrook in an impromptu press conference outside Chesapeake Energy Arena.  “There are always a number of factors that go into these decisions.  But I took a step back and looked at who really has my back, the people that trust me, and those who will benefit most from my staying in OKC, and those people are my fantasy basketball owners.”

When questioned whether it was the Fanduel or general fantasy basketball ownership base, Westbrook proclaimed his love for all:

“These guys go to war with me every night.  Daily fantasy owners, year-long leagues, all of ’em,” said Westbrook while choking back tears.   “I can’t say any of the guys I’ve ever played with love me like my fantasy owners have.  They’ve made me the #1 overall pick time after time, built their whole daily fantasy teams around me even when I cost them $1,000 more than every other player.  I mean, who does that?

“Of course I rewarded them with 26, 11 and 7 last year,” referring to the number of points, assists and rebounds Westbrook averaged per game.  “And I had 18 triple doubles.  Fantasy points out the ass, you know what I’m sayin’? This year I’m easily gonna have 75 triple doubles, who else is left here?”



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