Gary Kubiak Names Tebow, Elway, Sanchez, Siemian and Lynch Starting Bronco QBs

Denver, CO — After two weeks of Bronco training camp head coach Gary Kubiak released his first depth chart, naming five starting quarterbacks going into the first preseason game against the Chicago Bears.

“Well all of you know we really wanted some brisk, open competition once Peyton retired,” said Kubiak after practice Monday.  “And that is exactly what we are getting here.  I’m just so pleased all of these guys have stepped up, embraced what we are doing out here, and have been open to competing day-in and day out.”

When asked to order the quarterbacks according to how he felt they were performing, Kubiak refused.garyKubiak

“I just kinda stuck Sanchez as the 1a option because he’s a veteran.  Trevor Siemian is the 1b and (Paxton) Lynch was the 1c because they were here when camp started.  I kinda was undecided when we added Timmy and John to the mix last week.  But its kinda obvious when you think about it…Elway in the 1e because his name starts with ‘E’….just easier to remember.  So Tebow is 1d.”

When pressed for detail on Thursday’s quarterback rotation against the Bears an irritated Kubiak scolded the assembled press  “Look, we’ve got five guys, all of them are slightly to well below average.  We aren’t counting on them for shit…don’t you know we have Von Miller?”


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